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    Veritashoops Veritas Basketball Veritashoops

    Veritas Prep 2019-2020 Roster

    Name Height Class
    Carlos Rosario 6'7'' 2020
    Amar Brown 6'8'' 2020
    Lewis Duarte 6'5'' 2022
    Luis Riascos 6'5'' 2020
    Brahjon Thompson 6'7" 2020
    Deiman Reyes 6'9" 2021
    Isaac Padilla 6'5'' 2020
    Kaden Pierce 6'8'' 2020
    Quin Boomstra 6'2'' 2021
    Jaret Valencia 6'8'' 2022
    Julio Rodriguez 6'0'' 2020

    Photos of Veritas Prep

    The Veritas Podcast

    The Veritas Podcast Episode 1

    George Zedan has established himself as one of the top prep basketball coaches in the nation. Now he is taking on new endeavors. Listen in as he sits down with Bryce Ronquillo to discuss his recent projects in the very first edition of The Veritas Podcast!

    The Veritas Podcast Episode 3

    Natalia Reynoso is a rising star in the baseball and softball community! With an already established career as a General Manager for the Academy Barons in the MLB youth development leagues. she is taking on a new role at Veritas Academy as the Director of Baseball and Softball Operations! Listen in as she sits down with Bryce Ronquillo to discuss her endeavors.

    The Veritas Podcast Episode 2

    Iverson Molinar is one of the most underrated prep guards in the country. Success has followed him throughout his career and he's brought his talents to Veritas Academy. He joins Bryce Ronquillo to talk about his journey from Panama to the USA and much more!

    The Veritas Podcast Episode 4

    Meet CJ Alvarez, 25 years old and running a school! The Veritas Training Academy Executive Director joins the show to discuss the day-to-day of Veritas and the importance of academics to all athletes.

    What is the next step?

    If you have interest in our program here at Veritas Academy, please email our staff and tell us a little about yourself! 

    If you want a taste of what Veritas Academy is like, try out the Veritas Academy Experience!

    Veritas Academy requires the information below when considering applications for our High School and Post Graduate programs:

    High School Applicants

    • Veritas Academy Application
    • Current transcripts
    • Any ACT/SAT scores
    • Sport highlights

    Post Graduate Applicants

    • Veritas Academy Application
    • Current ACT/SAT Scores
    • Current transcripts
    • Sport highlights

    We can be reached at (562) 777-7456 or email us at

    Physical Address


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